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Costa Rica

Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Costa Rica

Fundaciόn Médica Homeopática Costarricense

Address: Calle 19, Avenidas 9 y 11 # 980, San José

Country: Costa Rica

Phone: +506 248-24-00

Fax: +506 248-24-00


Web site:

Contact person: Alejandro Brenes-Valverde

Financed by: Alejandro Brenes-Valverde (private) / Fundaciόn Médica Homeopática Costarricense

Target group: Physicians of the Homeopathic Education Medical Program

Access library: Free to everybody

Access fees: Voluntary

Borrowing: Yes

Access database: Indirectly, via librarian and email: (password: bibliografia).

Profile: Books of different homeopathic schools: Austria, Argentina, France, Greece, Mexico, U.S.A., Venezuela.

No. books: 270

No. hom. books: 111

No. hom. reports: 5

No. vol. hom. per.: 8

Database name: ISIS (not yet in use).

Database content:

Database records: 35

Search options: Author & key words (journals).

Indexing system: Controlled key word list.

Last update info: 05/2006

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