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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Brazil

Associação Paulista de Homeopatia

Address: Rua Dr. Diogo de Farias 839, 04037-002 - Vl. Clementino - SP/São Paulo

Country: Brazil

Phone: +55 (11) 5579 0681

Fax: +55 (11) 5083 0453


Web site:

Contact person: Director: Dr. Rubens Dolce Filho - +55 (11) 5579 1291
Librarian: Renata Rodrigues de Menezes - +55 (11) 5579 0681

Financed by: Associação Paulista de Homeopatia

Access library: Free for associates and others.

Access fees:

Borrowing: Associates only.

Access database: Directly through the internet (HOMEOINDEX, and indirectly via librarian (Associação Paulista de Homeopatia).

Profile: Library with mainly homoeopathic publications in several languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French etc.

Access to the electronic text available from 2008: Revista de homeopatia:

No. books: 3,155

No. hom. books: 6,000

No. hom. reports: 550

No. vol. hom. per.: 194 titles / 952 volumes

Database name: HOMEOINDEX, Virtual Health Library – Homeopathy

Database content: Homeoindex: journal articles, monographies, books, congress.
APH : books, monographies, congress, papers.
Periodicos: description of journal collection.

Database records: Homeoindex: 10,353; APH: 9,000 volumes.

Search options: Author, title, key words, document type.

Indexing system: Controlled key word list:
DeCS-Sciences Descritores (Science Descriptors) by BIREME/OPAS/OMS

Last update info: 08/2012


Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil

Address: Rua Frei Caneca n.94, Centro, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, CEP 20211-040

Country: Brazil

Phone: +55 (21) 22211831 – extension 205

Fax: +55 (21) 22211831 – extension 210


Web site:

Contact person: Librarians : Neli Lourenço or Elisangela Maria da Silva

Financed by: Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil - IHB

Target group: Homeopathic physicians, vets, dentists, pharmacists.

Access library: Free for everyone, but by appointment with librarian.

Access fees: None

Borrowing: No

Access database: Indirectly via the librarian.

Profile: Books, monographs, theses, periodicals, video’s (VHS), congress works, rare books on homeopathy (19th C).

No. books: 1600

No. hom. books: 1500

No. hom. reports: 1492 monographs, 18 theses, 220 video’s

No. vol. hom. per.: 40

Database name: WINISIS

Database content:

Database records:

Search options: Author, title, key words, subject.

Indexing system: DeCs

Last update info: 04/2006

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