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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in the United Kingdom

British Homeopathic Association - Library

Address: collection temporarily in storage. Address of the association: Hahnemann House, 29 Park Street West, Luton LU1 3BE, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1582 408675

Fax: +44 (0) 1582 723032


Web site:

Contact person: None at present: collection temporarily in storage.

Funded by: Charity funds

Target group: Homeopathic physicians & students, laymen

Access library: not possible for the moment

Access fees:

Borrowing: not possible for the moment

Access database: not possible

Profile: Books from last century & contemporary volumes. Old & new journals. Mostly English, also French

No. books: 1,300

No. hom. books: Almost 1,300

No. hom. reports: None

No. vol. hom. per.: 350 to 400 (not catalogued)

Database name: Smart

Database content: Database records are very primitive at present, showing author, book titles & journal titles. Not yet quite complete.

Database records:

Search options: Author, title.

Indexing system: None at present

Last update info: 04/2006



British Homoeopathic Library (Glasgow)

Address: Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 OXQ, Scotland, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (141) 211 1617


Web site: Free searching of Hom-Inform database of indexed literature references

Contact person: Isabella Leese

Funded by: Scottish Homoeopathic Research and Education Trust (charity)

Target group: Physicians, homeopathic practitioners, vets, dentists, nurses, students, researchers

Access library: Direct and free access via website. Library access: please phone first.

Access fees: Charges apply for mediated searches and document delivery

Borrowing: Yes, by members only

Access database: Free access on Internet via library web site

Profile: Homeopathic books (19th-20th C.), almost all in English.

19th C. homeopathic journals published in Britain & modern homeopathic journals published worldwide

No. books: 3,217

No. hom. books: 3,206

No. hom. reports: 35

No. vol. hom. per.: 1,304

Database name: Hom-Inform Database -

Database content: Journal article references with some abstracts, book catalogue, key words. References to library holdings.

Database records: 26,605

Search options: Author, title, key words, journal title, any word, book classification

Indexing system: Commercially available thesaurus (AMED), extra controlled key terms derived from MESH and ECH Homeopathic Thesaurus

Last update info: 09/2009



CAMLIS - Complementary and Alternative Medicine Library and Information Service

Address: Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, 60 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3HR

Phone: +44 (0)20 344 82300

Fax: none


Web site:

Contact person: Loretta Chinwokwu, Deputy General Manager & Dewi Evans, librarian

Funded by: not applicable

Target group: The library covers all CAM disciplines, and aims to stock material at all levels, from patient information to educational materials, to research

Access library: Open to the public.

Access fees: None

Borrowing: Borrowing and remote access to e-resources for members.

Access database:

Profile: Comprehensive library and information service that aims to deliver a similar service to the libraries of royal colleges. Extensive electronic holdings make the collection worthwhile for remote users.

No. books: 3,800

No. hom. books: 1,400

No. hom. reports:

No. vol. hom. periodicals: The library has back files of around 200 periodicals, mostly in Homoeopathy. On-line back files are available for the most popular titles. For holdings see

Database name: CAMCAT

Database content: Library catalogue. The website also has a CAM news service.

Database records: 3,800

Search options: author, title, keyword, subject, ISBN, publisher, publisher location, year, language

Indexing system: MeSH; conversion to an integrated index from MeSH, AMED and ECH homeopathic thesaurus planned for 2010

Last update info: 10/2013



Francis Treuherz (private library)

Address: 2 Exeter Road (side entrance), UK-London NW2 4SP

Phone: +44 (20) 8450 6564

Fax: +44 (20) 8450 6564


Web site:

Contact person: Francis Treuherz (MA, RSHom, FSHom)

Funded by: Private

Target group: Homeopaths, researchers, students

Access library: Homeopaths, researchers, students by appointment.

Access fees: Donation. Limited photocopying of non-copyright material is possible at cost.

Borrowing: No

Access database: Indirectly via librarian

Profile: Homeopathic books, philosophy, history, Materia Medica, repertories, organons (in 20 languages), domestic and popular works, journals, cards. Many 19th C volumes. English, French (550 vol) and German (225 vol). Many artefacts such as old phials, medicine boxes, portraits, medals, busts and ephemera.

No. books: 8,000

No. hom. books: 8,000

No. hom. reports: Included in above

No. vol. hom. per.: Included in above

Database name: None

Database content:

Database records: 8,000

Search options: Catalogue of all books

Indexing system: FileMaker Pro

Last update info: 02/2012

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