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The Netherlands

Homeopathic Documentation Resources in the Netherlands

University of Utrecht - Bibliotheek

Address: Heidelberglaan 3, NL - 3584 CS Utrecht

Phone: +31 (30) 2536612

Fax: +31 (30) 2538398


Web site:

Contact person: Dr. H. Stuut, Groenekanseweg 172, NL-3737 AK Groenekan -

+31 (346) 214152

Financed by: SHC (Stichting Homoeopathisch Centrum = Homeopathic Centre Foundation)

Target group: Anyone (physicians, students & laymen)

Access library: Anyone

Access fees: free for students and staff members of the university and other affiliated institutions (universities...). All other library users have to pay an annual fee of 25 EUR for annual pass.

Borrowing: Yes

Access database: directly through the internet


No. books: > 1,000,000

No. hom. books: > 3,725 books, 100 old and new journals

No. hom. reports: 200

No. vol. hom. per.:

Database name:

Database content:

Database records:

Search options: Author, title, extra search term "homeopathy"

Indexing system: Every title gets several key words. When completed, this database will be accessible through the internet (separately from the university database).

Last update info: 01/2013



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