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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Slovakia

Slovak Homoeopathic Society

Address: P.O. Box 184, 814 99 Bratislava 1

Phone: +421 (7) 5341 7080

Fax: +421 (7) 5341 7080


Web site:

Contact person: Secretary of SHS

Financed by: SHS as a non-profit citizens society

Target group: Members of SHS

Access library: Unlimited, by appointment with the secretary of SHS

Access fees: None

Borrowing: Yes

Access database: No database

Profile: ECH documents, LIGA documents, documents of the Ministry of Health of SR, homeopathic books

No. books: ca. 70

No. hom. books: ca. 65

No. hom. reports: ca. 40

No. vol. hom. per.: ca. 10

Database name: None

Database content: None

Database records: None

Search options: None

Indexing system: None

Last update info: 07/2000



Dr. Darina Stúrová (private library)

Address: Martincekova 14, 821 09 Bratislava 2

Phone: +421 (7) 4341 2265

Fax: +421 (7) 4341 2265


Web site:

Contact person: Darina Stúrová

Financed by: Darina Stúrová

Target group: Homeopathic colleagues, medical doctors, students

Access library: By appointment with Darina Stúrová

Access fees: None

Borrowing: Possible

Access database: Indirectly via Darina Stúrová

Profile: Homeopathic books, medical books, psycho-analytical books, ECH documents, Liga documents, Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic, Acts about Medicine

No. books: About 1,500

No. hom. books: About 350

No. hom. reports: About 50, of which 25 on homeopathy

No. vol. hom. per.: 16

Database name: None

Database content: Author and title of publication

Database records: Simple list according to author

Search options: Author

Indexing system: None

Last update info: 07/2000

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