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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Norway

Norsk Hom√łopatisk Pasientforening (NHP - a patient union)

Address: Postbox 412, N-7004 Trondheim

Phone: +47 / 48 36 92 19

Fax: +47 / 73 52 23 07


Web site:

Contact person: +47 / 48 36 92 19

Financed by:

Target group: Physicians, homeopathic practitioners, vets, dentists, members of NHP

Access library:

Access fees: None

Borrowing: Yes

Access database:

Profile: Only a few books & some journals (English, American, Indian, Swedish & Norwegian). Some old Norwegian books (since 1890) & books in German & English received from practising homoeopaths.

Books nor journals are catalogued or indexed.

The Norwegian books & journal are catalogued, resp. indexed by the Norwegian official library. This information can be searched by author, title and date of publication

No. books:

No. hom. books:

No. hom. reports:

No. vol. hom. per.:

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Database content:

Database records:

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Indexing system:

Last update info: 10/2012

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