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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Belgium

Heel Belgium - Library & Documentation Centre

Address: Booiebos 25, B-9031 Drongen

Phone: +32 (9) 265 95 65

Fax: +32 (9) 223 00 76


Web site:

Contact person: Caroline Vandeschoor (documentalist)

Financed by: Heel Belgium

Target group: physicians, homoeopathic practitioners, vets, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, students, pharmaceutical industry

Access library:
Library: by appointment with the documentalist.
Information service: by telephone, fax or email

Access fees: none

Borrowing: no

Access database: indirectly via the documentalist

Profile: Mainly homoeopathic publications (19th-20th C.), also related alternative medicine, reference works on pharmacy, chemistry & botany.

Books mainly in English, also many in French and German, some in Dutch and a few in Spanish.

Journals on homoeopathy, other alternative medicine & pharmacy, in English, French, German, Dutch & Spanish.

No. books: 4,500

No. hom. books:

No. hom. reports: 200

No. vol. hom. per.: 450

Database name: LIBRARIUS (for Windows)

Database content: 50% references of book titles; all with author, title, classification code, volume, publisher, date of publication, edition, language, publication type, date of input (+other possibilities); 15% of the book collection (mainly Materia Medica) with key words (still indexing).

50% references of journal articles and lectures, with key words (still indexing).

Extensive database with key words & synonyms.

Journal database

Database records: 16,400

Search options: author, title (of book or article), year of publication, language, key words, classification code, publication type, publisher, journal or series title, classification number, location, date of acquisition; search options can be combined.

Indexing system: self-built controlled key word list with synonyms (incl. ECH Homeopathic Thesaurus), completed with AMED/CATS and MeSH terms (where applicable).

Last update info: 03/2014




Société Royale Belge d'Homéopathie - Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Homeopathie

1) Society: Rue du cuisinier 149, B-1420 Braine l'Alleud (chairman: Dr. Jean Lansmanne)
2) Library: Chaussée de Mons 58, B-6150 Anderlues

Phone: +32 (71) 54 09 03

Fax: +32 (71) 52 94 35


Web site:

Contact person: Dr Daniel Saelens, Chaussée de Mons 58, 6150 Anderlues, Belgium

Financed by: membership fees

Target group: physicians, vets, dentists

Access library: by appointment

Access fees: none for members

Borrowing: no

Access database: free on website

Profile: books and periodicals, on homoeopathy, mainly in French, from Hahnemann until now.

No. books: ca. 1,200

No. hom. books: ca. 1,000

No. hom. reports: 50

No. vol. hom. per.: 600

Database name: None (Excel listing)

Database content:

Mainly books: author, title, volume, language, publisher, publication date

Bound journals: title of the collection, volumes, publication dates

Database records: 1323

Search options: author, book title, year of publication, language

Indexing system: none

Last update info: 12/2012

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