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Homeopathic Documentation Resources in Austria

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Homöopathische Medizin (ÖGHM)

Address: Mariahilferstraße 110, A-1070 Wien

Phone: +43 (1) 5267575

Fax: +43 (1) 5267575 4


Web site:

Contact person: Dr. Jutta Czedik - Eysenberg - Tel. +431 888 51 34 20 - Fax +431 888 51 34 88

Financed by: ÖGHM

Target group: Physicians

Access library: Members of ÖGHM.

Access fees: None

Borrowing: Not at present.

Access database: Indirectly via librarian

Profile: Large stock of original historical homoeopathic publications beginning from Hahnemann (books & journals)

At the moment collecting especially Materia Medica, practice of homoeopathy, current scientific reviews & important homoeopathic journals

Most volumes in German, parts in English, French and Dutch.

No. books: 1115

No. hom. books: 1115

No. hom. reports:

No. vol. hom. per.: 200

Database name: Microsoft Access

Database content: Book titles, authors, publisher

Database records:

Search options: Author, title, publishers

Indexing system:

Last update info: 02/2012

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