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Model Guidelines for the Practice of CAM by Medical Doctors in the EU

The ECH, ECPM, ICMART and IVAA took the initiative, in January 2006, to develop model guidelines for the use of official medical licensing bodies
(a) in educating physicians who use CAM in their practices, and/or those who co‐manage patients with licensed or otherwise state‐regulated CAM providers and 
(b) regulating their practice.

This initiative focuses on encouraging the medical community to adopt consistent standards, ensuring the public health and safety by facilitating the proper and effective use of both conventional and CAM treatments, while educating physicians on the adequate safeguards needed to ensure their services are provided within the bounds of acceptable professional practice. The ECH, ECPM, ICMART and IVAA believe that adoption of guidelines based on this model will protect legitimate medical use of CAM while avoiding unacceptable risk.

The intention of the Councils of ECH, ECPM, ICMART and IVAA is to provide guidelines that are clinically and ethically appropriate. These guidelines are designed to be consistent with what official medical licensing bodies generally consider to be within the boundaries of professional practice and accepted standard of care.

The Model Guidelines can be downloaded as a pdf document.

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