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CAM - Current status and potential in European healthcare

This booklet, provided by the associations of CAM doctors, patients and practitioners, united in EUROCAM, is intended to provide some basic information about Complementary and Alternative Medicine, its practice and availability and its place and potential within the future of healthcare in Europe.

The booklet contains the following sections:

  • IntroductionEUROCAM-CAM current status and potential
  • What is CAM?
  • Continuum between health and ill-health/disease
  • Why are citizens attracted to CAM?
  • How is CAM delivered?
  • CAM practice
  • CAM is effective
  • CAM is low-cost and cost-effective
  • CAM is safe
  • Regulation of CAM
  • CAM training and education
  • Health Workforce
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Sustainable health systems
  • Access and health inequalities
  • Health for growth
  • European CAM organisations
  • Relevant EU Health Policy Organizations
  • Relevant Global Organisations
  • References

It can be downloaded here.

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