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Doctors and vets talking about the benefits of homeopathy

Doctors and vets talk about how they came to discover homeopathy and how it benefits their patients. They are all members of the Faculty of Homeopathy, United Kingdom. The Faculty of Homeopathy incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1950 provides internationally recognised training pathways in homeopathy for vets, doctors, dentists, podiatrists and other statutorily regulated healthcare professionals. The Faculty is an institutional member of the European Committee for Homeopathy.

NHS Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Clare Willocks talks about how she came to discover homeopathy and how it can be used to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Medical Homeopath and Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy Dr Russell Malcolm talks about his homeopathic practice and how no two days are the same when you use this creative approach to medicine.

Retired GP Jeremy Swayne talks about how he became interested in homeopathy and how it benefited his patients. Dr Swayne is a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

GP Ralf Schmalhorst talks about how patients should be able to choose homeopathy and how emotions are often ignored in orthodox medicine.

Dr Andrea Wiessner talks about how she became interested in homeopathy at medical school and how homeopathy offers an alternative approach when conventional medicine does not have the answers. Dr Wiessner is a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy and works at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.


Vet Dr Geoff Johnson talks about how he discovered homeopathy on a camping trip and went on to discover it can work for his animal patients too.

Veterinary Surgeon Nick Thompson talks about how after initially rejecting alternative medicine, because his parents used that approach, he came to use homeopathy in his veterinary practice.

Vet Chris Day talks about how homeopathy has worked for him and his patients for over twenty years. Chris Day is Veterinary Dean for the Faculty of Homeopathy.

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