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CAM Interest Group meeting 12 April 2011

Healthy ageing, chronic disease management and the potential contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in these areas

The CAM Interest Group meeting of 12 April 2011 was dedicated to healthy ageing and chronic disease management. Middle-aged and older people are increasingly turning to CAM to help maintain their health and to treat their chronic healthcare problems.  CAM improves the quality of their lives through helping prevent or slow the onset of chronic conditions that may eventually lead to disability. CAM has the potential to complement conventional medicine or to prevent people from needing it. Unlike conventional medical care, which relies on often costly high technology and pharmaceuticals, CAM is typically low-tech and generally less costly. CAM focuses on maintaining the health and wellness of citizens of all ages and thereby helps them to establish an active preventive agenda as ageing inevitably takes place.

Chronic disease prevention and management
Healthy ageing
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