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Homeopathy Research Institute founded

The recently founded Homeopathy Research Institute aims to promote and facilitate high quality research in the field of Homeopathy. The Institute has gathered some of the world's experts in Homeopathy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine research to form their Scientific Advisory Committee.

The Homeopathy Research Institute promotes research in the field of homeopathy by:

  • Facilitating research projects within international academic institutions
  • Providing a peer review process for research proposals submitted to their Scientific Advisory Committee.

They aim to facilitate research which explores different aspects of homeopathy, such as the effectiveness of homeopathy in daily practice, effectiveness in treating key pathologies and the physical properties of homeopathic preparations. They also aim to inform health professionals and the general public about research in homeopathy through the provision of:

  • An online homeopathy research database
  • A free quarterly newsletter covering various homeopathy research topics.

The HRI has established a research database, which comprises randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of homeopathy that have been published in peer-reviewed journals up to 2009. Other such RCTs will be added in due course, and the database will be updated on an ongoing basis to remain a current resource.

The website and the database are accessible at

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