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Health-EU Newsletter spotlights CAM

The latest issue of the Health-EU Newsletter spotlights Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with up to 65% of the population reporting that they have used this form of medicine. The main reasons given for using CAM are its holistic approach, effectiveness and orientation towards promoting health rather than controlling symptoms. CAM therapies commonly approach health and illness by working to induce and support the innate self-healing process of the individual. They are used to promote and maintain health and can be used as a first option in a wide range of health problems, particularly where conventional therapies do not exist or are ineffective, but also as a complement to conventional treatment.

The newsletter highlights EUROCAM, the alliance of patients, doctors and practitioners in the field of CAM, which is committed to raising public awareness of the public-health benefits of CAM, especially in terms of prevention and health promotion, patient safety, patient-centred health services, mental health, palliative care, health economics and healthy ageing.

Responding to increasing use of CAM by the European public, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research has funded CAMbrella, a project to develop a roadmap for future European research in CAM that is appropriate for Europe's health care needs.

The Health-EU Newsletter provides twice a month a selection of the latest news and activities in the field of public health at both European and international level in 22 of the EU’s official languages. The newsletter complements the information on the Health-EU Portal, the Public Health Portal of the European Union. The Portal aims to provide European Citizens with an easy access to reliable, multilingual and comprehensive information on Public Health initiatives and programmes at EU level. The Portal is directed at those who want to keep informed about issues affecting their health, and at those who wish to keep up to date with policies and decisions taken at European, national and international level. The Portal is also an important source of information for health professionals, administrations, policy makers and stakeholders. It is accessible to everyone, including older people and people with disabilities, as it follows the internationally recognised rules on accessibility. The Portal also provides expert users with access to statistical databases relevant to public health.

Download the Health-EU Newsletter on CAM here.

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