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Doctor Patricia Le Roux has passed away

On 17 October 2011 Doctor Patricia Le Roux, in the full bloom of her life, passed away after a terrible traffic accident in Paris. Her death leaves a huge gap in the homeopathic community.

Patricia Le RouxAn expert homeopathic paediatrician, she had a busy practice and worked in the emergency ward of the Hôpital de la Timone in Marseille. In her practice she was adored by her children-patients and their parents for her love, dedication, thoughtfulness and expertise.

Dr Le Roux served many years on the ECH Council as General Secretary and on the Board of the French Syndicat National des Medecins Homéopathes Français. She was coordinator of the Groupement des Pédiatres Homéopathes d’Expression Française and in that capacity organised seminars and congresses in paediatrics. Within the Société Savante d’Homéopathie she was able to bring the various homeopathic schools together and make them agree on a common educational programme.

She participated in the work of the Hahnemannian school of Fréjus, directed by Dr Didier Grandgeorge who was her teacher during her training at university. Later on she worked with a group of homeopathic doctors, the Collègues Homéopathes Unicistes Marseillais studying materia medica, became a teacher herself and gave lectures in various countries in the world. She was also a prolific writer of books on homeopathic practice, many of them translated into English and German.

She was not only a dedicated homeopathic doctor, teacher and writer. She had a great musical talent, studied music, was a gifted flute player and participated in a chamber orchestra. She shared her love for music with the members of the Massalia Consort choir which she founded and conducted. She was an all-round personality, had a truly European background, having a Scottish mother, a French father and an Italian grandmother. She was a polyglot, spoke French, English, Italian and German.

And amidst her hectic professional life, all her love, her protection and her wisdom went to her family and her four children. As one of our colleagues so rightly said, simplicity, dignity and empathy were the qualities that touched everyone who has known her.

Our community extend our thoughts to her family, her children, her parents. We wish them strength for the time to come where they will have to cope with this enormous loss.

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