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Foundation for Homoeopathic Research (Bombay, India)
A non-profit making, non-political, non-commercial medical trust, whose major activities include educational events, conferences, seminars, lectures, etc. for homeopathic doctors, students, allopaths and the general public. 'Homoeopathy Times' , a professional journal published by the FHR is now enjoying the readership in over 30 countries.

GIRI - Groupe International de Recherche sur l' Infinitésimal
International Research Group on very low dose and high dilution effects. 
GIRI was created in 1986 and represents today the most relevant and independent scientific international organization concerning the study of high dilutions. The aim of the GIRI is to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians,chemists, physicists and other professionals to keep in touch, to exchange experiences and develop joint research projects about high dilutions, homeopathy included. Although the mechanism of action of the very diluted solutions of active principles on biological systems is an important concern of the GIRI, the major interest of the Group is directed towards the possible medicinal and therapeutic relevance of the very low doses. More than one hundred persons are GIRI members, coming from 20 different countries.

International Journal of High Dilution Research
A peer-reviewed, quarterly, open-access electronic journal specialized in the multidisciplinary field of studies on high dilutions. The journal carries original papers, review papers and short communications in the following categories: 1) Basic research (Physics and Chemistry), 2) Basic research (Biology), 3) Clinical and Pathogenetic research, 4) Sociological research, 5) Theoretical and Historical research, 6) Pharmaceutical research, 7) Plant and Microorganism research, 8) Veterinary research.

Homeopathy Basic Research Experiments (‘HomBRex’) Database
A comprehensive database of basic research in homeopathy containing data on experiments on biological systems in-vivo and in-vitro, in healthy or diseased states, ranging from the intact organism to the subcellular level, with measures of effect ranging from viability to molecular processes; and research on physico-chemical effects of serial dilution and succussion.

Veterinary Clinical Research Database in Homeopathy
A comprehensive database of veterinary clinical research in homeopathy containing about 200 entries of randomised clinical trials, non-randomised clinical trials, observational studies, drug provings, case reports and case series.

Database of Scientific Publications in Homeopathy (DSPH)
The Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (IPRH) offers an up-to-date Database of Scientific Publications in Homeopathy. IPRH is aimed at disseminating research awareness and promote authentic research practices and runs on a simple philosophy that sharing of knowledge, motivation and resources is one of the keys to promote research in homeopathy. It compiles and generate authentic research knowledge and propagates it for the benefit of homeopathy.

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