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Homeopathic Archive of the Institute for the History of Medicine
This archive in Stuttgart, Germany houses the world’s most important collection of sources on the history of homeopathy, including the private papers of Samuel Hahnemann, of his second wife Mrs. Mélanie d’Hervilly, and of important students and successors such as Clemens and Friedrich von Bönninghausen. Besides 55 medical case books and various manuscripts, over 5,400 letters to Hahnemann from patients are included. In recent years, the Institute’s active collection has yielded even more records from homeopathic doctors and from many institutions.

The American Institute of Homeopathy
The oldest national medical professional organization in the United States, it has as its purposes the promotion and improvement of homeopathic medicine and the dissemination of medical knowledge pertaining thereto. It strives to elevate and improve the standards of homeopathic medical education while safeguarding the interests of the profession and attaining general recognition and public acceptance of homeopathy.

The Homeopathy Research Institute
An innovative charity, based in the UK, working to facilitate scientific research in the field of homeopathy. This includes research into homeopathic medicines, treatment by homeopaths and the underlying principles of this therapeutic system.

The National Center for Homeopathy (USA)
An open-membership organization in the USA whose mission is to promote health through homeopathy. It provides general education to the public about homeopathy, and specific education to homeopaths.

L'Homéopathie Universitaire Française
Homeopathy at French universities.

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