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World Health Organisation, Department for Traditional Medicine
The WHO uses the term ‘traditional medicine’ when referring to Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and/or the Western Pacific, whereas ‘CAM’ is used when referring to Europe and/or North America (and Australia). When referring in a general sense to all of these regions, the WHO uses the comprehensive term TM/CAM.

CAHCIM - Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine
This consortium includes 41 highly esteemed academic medical centers in the United States of America and aims to "help transform medicine and healthcare through rigorous scientific studies, new models of clinical care, and innovative educational programs that integrate biomedicine, the complexity of human beings, the intrinsic nature of healing and the rich diversity of therapeutic systems".

Integrative Medicine Institute
The institute has been involved in practice based health services research efforts on effectiveness, safety, patient satisfaction, and costs when complementary and alternative therapies are integrated with conventional medicine. It has helped create data collection networks serving as a bridge between providers, patients, the healthcare industry, and academia in the United States and Europe. The outcomes data from this network is used to guide the planning of clinical trials and the development of evidence based practice guidelines for the integration of complementary and alternative therapies. It will continue to bring together the stakeholders in Integrative Medicine: patients, practitioners, the healthcare industry, and academia.

Les Entretiens Internationaux de Monaco
The Monaco International Talks on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


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