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Fruzsina Gábor (1970-2014) Obituary

Fruzsina Gábor has left us. After a short and difficult fight with cancer she passed away peacefully on 30 July 2014.
Fruzsina Gábor (1970-2014) Obituary

Fruzsina Gábor (1970-2014)

Fruzsina was a passionate and colourful person, truly a living rainbow, who made our shared work happier and warmer.

She has our deepest gratitude for all she has done for homeopathy in general, and for ECH in particular, during the past thirteen years.

Fruzsina was a passionate pharmacist, researcher, teacher, translator and entrepreneur.

In her last months she was hardly able to work, which – as she wrote - was “not only financially, but especially mentally not easy”. She was a tireless worker.

Fruzsina Gábor studied pharmacy at the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest and completed her PhD in the field of photobiology. In 1995 she started to study, and later taught, homeopathy. She organised the homeopathic department of a retail pharmacy which became the most important homeopathic pharmacy in Hungary. For 6 years she served on the board of the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association and became member of the scientific committee of the 55th LMHI Congress in 2000. Fruzsina translated and edited various homeopathic books, such as the Hungarian edition of the Complete Repertory.

Since 2001 Fruszina Gábor had been a member of the ECH subcommittee for pharmacy and in 2012 she was elected as its new coordinator, joining the new ECH council. From 2010 to 2013 she also served as LMHI Secretary for Pharmacy.

She promoted interdisciplinary cooperation with the other ECH subcommittees to discuss the importance of communication between patients and homeopathic pharmacists, the creation of an educational standard in homeopathic pharmacy, research activities on the action of homeopathic medicines and the relevance of trituration provings.

Although already very ill and weak, her last and very successful work was to complete all ECH responses to the HMPWG consultations, gathering the pharmacists' group with her for this purpose. This tremendous work contributed to making ECH a reliable partner for this European agency.

The symposium on “The Homeopathic Remedy” during the ECH autumn 2013 meeting in Barcelona was her last presentation and, for most of us, the last time we saw her personally.

On the 27 May 2014 she wrote:

“Next week I go home from hospital and try to work one hour per day so please keep me informed. HUGS”.

There was no email which was not finished without these ‘HUGS’, this warm, written gesture which came straight from her heart. With big HUGS, a lot of love and a lot of roses, we say goodbye.

Nagy öleléssel!


Dr Thomas Peinbauer

ECH President

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