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International Seminar "Obsessive Compusive Disorders"

Seminar by the Dutch training institute "Homeopathie Stichting" with Dr Mahesh Gandhi, probably the best teacher on the subject of Psychiatry and Homeopathy. He has 30 years of experience in both fields in Mumbai. It will be the fourth time he comes to Holland and the comments on his lessons have never been so good. On a scale from 0-10 he got each year several 10’s!

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Celebrating 25 years Hahnemann Institute

A Dance through Homeopathy: Sensation and Relation. In this seminar, Alize Timmerman of the Hahnemann Institute will take you on a journey reviewing Homeopathy and the treatment of Disorders in Families and the treatment of Chronic Diseases. On both topics Alize earlier has presented seminars, now information collected through the years come together in a comprehensive approach of Family Treatment and Treatment of Chronic Diseases.

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Meeting of the European Parliament Interest Groups MEPs Against Cancer and MEPs for CAM

CAM is a cost-effective, sustainable means to promote health, prevent and treat disease. Especially now that Europe faces a growing number of challenges in the area of healthcare such as an ageing population, antimicrobial resistance, chronic diseases, maintaining the health workforce, growing levels of mental ill-health, rising healthcare budgets etc, it is time CAM is given serious consideration as both innovation and added value for healthcare in Europe.

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69th LMHI World Homeopathy Congress

Homeopathy on the move - Strategies, healing, simillimum, simile

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EPHA 4th Annual Conference "Brave New World: Inclusive Growth and Well-Being or Vested Interests and Lost Generations?"

EPHA will bring together national and EU policy-makers; international, European and national agencies; public health networks, non-governmental organisations; and academics from across the EU to discuss issues affecting the European public health arena.

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ECH Symposium Barcelona, 8 Nov 2013

Symposium on the current and future situation of the homeopathic remedy in Europe.

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ECH Symposium: The current and future situation of the homeopathic remedy in Europe

To cover all aspects of this sensitive issue ECH has gathered relevant speakers in this field, representatives of European agencies such as HMPWG, of the laboratories such as ECHAMP, of the international homeopathic world such as LMHI and HPUS, as well as internal ECH experts.

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7th European Congress for Integrative Medicine

“The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”, Joined with: 12th Biennial International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, 1st Serbian Congress for Integrative Medicine

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ECH Spring Meeting 2014

Special Topic: Homeopathy 2020

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