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CAMbrella work package 8

Communication and dissemination

The objectives of this work package were
• to foster communication among the CAMbrella consortium members and between the consortium and CAM stakeholders including patient and public health care organizations
• to establish, host and maintain a website as the common plat- form for CAMbrella: The website will make all documents generated by the project publicly accessible.
• to identify CAM stakeholders and appropriate target audiences in Europe through which to disseminate information generated by the project
• to plan and organise the final CAMbrella conference

Disseminative actions and documents were established and prepared:
• A Policy Brief, the document that informs the EU Commission and policy makers about the findings and gives recommendations for future activities.  
• A Project Brochure that summarises the work of CAMbrella for the interested public, practitioners, laymen and stakeholders alike.
• Many of the papers were pooled in a supplement of Research in Complementary Medicine: Forschende Komplementärmedizin 2012;19 (suppl 2).
• The project’s website was a state-of-the-art tool to connect with the stakeholders, to enable exchange with them, allow them some participation and interaction.
• In order to address a younger audience a Facebook account was set up as well. To complete the project’s presence in the Social Media media Twitter was added to our public outreach activities as well. All this formed part of the dissemination strategy.

Communication in research is essential to ensure
• and support capacities, coherence and collegiality of any multicentered research group
• a corporate identity for the collaboration and enhance its visibility
• the sustained dissemination of the results to the public at large and the stakeholder groups in particular
• to create a coherent message and slogan that can engage the public in a dialogue about scientific results
• translate the scientific results into public outreach for the general public.

The complete work package report can be downloaded here.

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