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CAMbrella work package 3

Needs and attitudes of citizens

The objectives of this work package were to identify cross-European indicators for population based needs and attitudes regarding CAM, and to identify, map and provide information on the needs of European citizens with respect to CAM, and their attitudes towards CAM.

The following tendencies have been reported:
Citizens in the EU wish to have access to increased and diverse CAM provision: Studies indicate that citizens wish CAM to be available as part of their options for health care, for example in hospital and general practice care. They also wish CAM provision to be delivered not only by medical doctors and/or doctors trained in CAM specialities, nurses or other conventional health care providers, but also by CAM providers with therapy specific training. There is a wish for more, and more diverse, CAM provision.

EU citizens seem to meet considerable barriers in the access to CAM: CAM treatments are pre- dominantly paid for privately and are difficult to access due to lack of availability and limited accessibility.

Citizens express a wish for more support and acknowledgement regarding their CAM use: CAM use is often not disclosed by patients in other treatments because of the assumed or known hostile attitude of the medical professionals towards CAM treatments.

Citizens need easily accessible and trustworthy information: European citizens wish to have access to reliable and trust- worthy information that can support an informed decision about treatment options.

Citizens require transparent regulation of CAM practice and training: Citizens’ confidence in the provision of CAM would be supported by public frameworks regulating the practice of CAM and by CAM being provided by members of professional CAM organisations that ensure educational as well as ethical standards.

The complete work package report can be downloaded here.

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