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Accreditation regulations

ECH ACCREDITATION REGULATIONS as modified by ECH Council in April 2007

1. Homeopathic teaching programmes eligible for accreditation may be provided by the following institutions:
(a) independent individual teaching centres,
(b) national federations of teaching centres, or
(c) homeopathic doctors’ associations providing education and training.

2. Only those institutions that are members of the ECH may qualify for accreditation of their teaching programme.

3. Institutions that apply for accreditation of their teaching programme should submit their training programme in English to the ECH. The training programme should comply with the requirements as laid down in the Medical Homeopathic Education Standard.

3. The ECH education subcommittee examines all the documented evidence that has been submitted by the institution and ascertains if it fulfils all the requirements of the Medical Homeopathic Education Standard. The ECH Council decides on the actual accreditation.

4.  The ECH issues a certificate confirming that the teaching programme and examination of this institution have duly been accredited.

5. The accreditation remains valid for a period of 6 years and is renewable.

6. The accreditation fee is valid for the 6-year accreditation period. The fee itself depends on the national situation, as follows:
- independent individual teaching centres: € 100
- national federation of teaching centres: € 200 for the first 2 teaching centres and € 50 for each additional centre
- homeopathic doctors' association: € 200
The accreditation fee is additional to the membership fee and should be paid when submitting the application.

7. Institutions whose teaching programme qualifies for accreditation should pay their annual ECH membership fees during the years the accreditation is valid. Full member doctors’ associations that provide training courses themselves pay their normal membership fee in proportion to the number of their members. Other teaching centres pay their annual associate membership fee (now € 350).

8. Non-payment of membership fees in a particular year will lead to withdrawal of the accreditation.

9. Any fees should be paid by bank transfer; cheques will not be accepted.
Any bank charges should be paid by the teaching centre.

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