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Provings database

This database is meant to provide information on existing provings and to collect information on new provings.

The purpose is to make visible the various elements of the design of each proving, e.g. whether a proving has a pre-observation phase, whether a placebo was used, how many provers participated, where the proving was published, etc.

The ECH thus hopes to facilitate research on provings, because many unanswered questions still exist as far as methodology is concerned. For example, researchers now can find all available provings with less than 10 provers and compare these with found provings that had more than 20 provers. This way the question of the optimum number of provers could be investigated.

The framework for the presented design elements in this database is based on the ECH Provings Guidelines, published in 2004. We consider the criteria that should indicate to the user, to what extent a particular proving meets the criteria as formulated in the guidelines.

We wish to make clear, that the methodological progress towards good quality standards is an ongoing process, and that failure to meet all or most guidelines does not label a proving as a ‘bad proving’. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the variety of design elements, and to stimulate discussion within the homeopathic community about the value of all different design elements with their individual pros and cons. Thus we hope to establish a more common standard for provings in the years to come.

The project is an ongoing, open project, so we invite colleagues and researchers both from the homeopathic community as well as from the conventional research community, to send us any feedback. The structure of the database will possibly be improved after having received enough responses to justify a major modification.

Meanwhile we invite those colleagues who have conducted a proving to visit this database and submit their work to the database via the link ‘Add a proving’. If you upload a file, you make it available to the community, but keep the copyrights as you indicate them in the file with the proving text.

You can enter the ECH provings database here.

Other databases of provings can be found here and here.

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