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CAM specific databases

AMED Allied and Complementary Medicine
(Open for subscription members only). Database on complementary medicine and several disciplines allied to medicine such as physiotherapy.

British Homeopathic Library
Database including reference to a large number of homeopathy articles which are mostly not found in ‘conventional’ databases, but which are published in homeopathy journals.

CAM base
Over 1000 articles on research on homeopathy, some with summaries. Full articles must be ordered.

CAM on PubMed
This free database is a subset of the Medline database, containing only the complementary and alternative medicine records of Medline.

These databases have been designed as search tools for people interested in responsible information on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The aim of the databases is not to rate clinical studies but rather to point out that indeed a huge body of clinical research in the field of CAM does exist.

CLIFICOL (Clinical File Collection)
Database for uploading, searching for and downloading homeopathy cases.
Run by ECH, HEHI and LMHI.

CAMLIS - Complementary and Alternative Medicine Library and Information Service
CAMLIS is a hybrid library, collecting print resources as well as offering access to e-journals and databases. All research-relevant publications in CAM in the major European languages are acquired, all evidence-based textbooks for practitioners in English as well as evidence-based publications for patient information. The periodical collection aims to include all peer-reviewed titles. The most important databases are subscribed to.

Faculty of Homeopathy (UK) research website

GBV (union catalogue)
Via this database the collection of homeopathic books and journals of the Wolfgang-Schweitzer-Bibliothek can be searched.

Free homeopathic database accessed via the Bireme interface. Most references are to articles in Spanish or Portuguese. The LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences) database is also available from here, and contains some other homeopathic references.

IGM, Stuttgart (online catalogue)
Database of the Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung in Stuttgart, Germany, among others containing the extensive collections of homeopathic books and journals of the institute.

Homeopathy Basic Research Experiments (‘HomBRex’) Database
A comprehensive database of basic research in homeopathy containing data on experiments on biological systems in-vivo and in-vitro, in healthy or diseased states, ranging from the intact organism to the subcellular level, with measures of effect ranging from viability to molecular processes; and research on physico-chemical effects of serial dilution and succussion.

Homeopathy Research Institute
An innovative charity, based in the UK, working to facilitate scientific research in the field of homeopathy. This includes research into homeopathic medicines, treatment by homeopaths and the underlying principles of this therapeutic system.

Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
General CAM Resources: web sites for finding CAM information and research resources

Systematics and homeopathy
Web database for the systematics of remedies and provings. More than 2000 remedies in their scientific systems and taxonomy with latin, english, german and customary homeopathic names. More than 700 provings listed, old and new ones (e.g. all provings of Hahnemann directly linked).

Veterinary Clinical Research Database in Homeopathy
A comprehensive database of veterinary clinical research in homeopathy containing about 200 entries of randomised clinical trials, non-randomised clinical trials, observational studies, drug provings, case reports and case series.

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