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Small doses

How is it possible that such small doses that are used in homeopathy, have any physiological effect?

Although it is not precisely understood how homeopathic medicines work, there is clear evidence that the medicines are active and can be curative. Homeopathic medicines also have been shown to work on babies and on animals (including dogs, cats, horses and cows) where it is highly unlikely that they are acting as a placebo. The documented results from thousands of experienced homeopathic practitioners and from millions of their patients clearly show that these small individualized doses produce profound health benefits.

It is important to know that the small doses used by homeopathic doctors only have an effect when a person has a hypersensitivity to the small doses given. If the wrong medicine is given to a person, nothing happens. If the correct medicine is given, the medicine acts as a catalyst to the person's defences. In any case, homeopathic medicines do not have side effects.

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